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04-07-20 05:49 AM


The latest and most up to date Vizzed news.

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April 2020 VCS Reminder

Hello all,

I realize that the previous announcement had a bad link, and was also ill-timed. I'm making another announcement to remind everyone that the April 2020 VCS is still ongoing! There are a TON of prizes to win just for posting around the boards! You can find more information here, if I don't mess up the link again:

Be sure to check it out! It's far from too late to even take first place. The prizes will surely enhance your Vizzed experience.
Posted by: Minuano on 04-05-20 - 17:49 pm

Coronavirus Went Digital

For more information, refer to this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 04-01-20 - 10:40 am

The April VCS is Almost Underway!

Hello everyone!

As you all know, there was supposed to be a VCS in March. Unfortunately, due to the database issues, it had to be postponed. But now we're all raring and ready to go for April!

The prizes for this month are INCREDIBLY generous, with almost 600,000 Viz going around, as well as extra goodies! This opportunity is PERFECT for the newbies looking for more Viz and have something to say! I hope you'll all consider giving it a shot!

You can find more details here:
Posted by: Minuano on 03-31-20 - 14:33 pm

Spring 2020 Netplay Tournament Bomberman '94 - Last Chance to Sign Up!

Registration for our annual Bomberman '94 Tournament ends in 24 hours! Be sure to sign up if you have any interest at all.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-29-20 - 18:08 pm

Spring 2020 Netplay Tournament Bomberman '94 = Custom Name, $600 Games, US $175, 750K+ Viz

For the first time ever, I'm offer a custom username style to the winner of this Tournament. And for those who don't know, Foxyman1113 dethroned me last year so I can be beat. I'm also offering up cash prizes again like last year.

This could potentially be the last Bomberman Tournament that I host due to the potential discontinuation of the RGR Plugin at the end of the year so I'm hoping we can get as many users involved in this. Maybe not for the purpose of winning but for the purpose of having a reason to hang out and chat.

In this tournament we'll be playing Bomberman '94 for the Turbo Grafx. Each user will play 2 matchups a week. You get to choose which day and time you want to play each week from a list of available times and days. Each matchup could be any of the following:
-1-5 Player Free for All
-2 Players vs 2 Players
-1 Player vs 1 Player
-Other possible combinations

This tournament is incredibly flexible to everyone's schedule. Each week you can choose between the selectable times and days that you're available to play. As long as you're available 2 nights a week between 4 PM - 9 PM central time Tuesday-Friday nights then you'll be able to participate. You can even miss a few matchups and still have a shot at making it to the final matchup (but just don't miss too many otherwise you'll be added to the netplay ban list).

For more information or to Sign Up, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-24-20 - 09:14 am

Database Recovery Finished = Most Content Restored

I'm now finished recovering data that was lost from the accidental database drop that took place at the beginning of this month. Not all of the data was recoverable but a lot of it was. All site features should be functioning properly again.

Here's a list of everything that was recovered:
-Posts (some posts got submitted twice)
-Post Edits (only for posts made before 11/7/2019)
-Thread Edits
-Private Messages (only some)
-New Users (most)
-Game Pages
-Game Page Edits (only for games added before 11/7/2019)
-Donations (most; if yours is missing, let me know)
-Page Edits (most)
-User Edits (most)
-Screenshot Edits (only for screenshots added before 11/7/2019)
-Screenshot Ratings (most)
-Page Comments
-Marketplace Purchases (most)

Content submitted after 11/7/2019 that wasn't recovered:
-Vizzed GO Captures
-Music Ratings
-Music Playlists
-Game Characters
-Marketplace Listings

For more information, or if you had content that wasn't recovered, or if you're missing Viz, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-23-20 - 08:51 am
Many of you are stuck indoors during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Why not use this opportunity to tell your friends about Vizzed? And if you do, respond to the below thread after they've signed up and you'll both be given access to all PlayStation games in the Retro Game Room.

Vizzed has nearly 2500 PlayStation Games, which is almost every game ever made, and it includes all retail games, region exclusives, all demo discs, and more. Best of all, the PlayStation games support Netplay (when using the RGR Plugin) which means that you can play PlayStation games, and all other RGR Plugin games, online together!

You can recommend multiple friends and each of those friends will also be given access to the PlayStation games. To qualify though, the registrations need to be done with separate IPs and those accounts need to be created by your actual friend. Only accounts created after March 20th count (obviously). You'll also need to offer proof that the user you say you referred is your friend by either having them refer to you on the registration page (or you could give them your referral link, which automates that) or they'll also need to respond to the below thread.

This offer ends April 4th.

If you have any questions or have referred some friends, respond here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-21-20 - 07:25 am

Marketplace Restored

The Marketplace is back up. Most purchases from the Marketplace have been restored. If you placed a listing after November 6th, 2019, you'll have to relist it because listings weren't restored.

If you purchased something in the past 4 months that wasn't restored, respond to this thread and I'll refund you your Viz:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-19-20 - 10:28 am

RGR and VGR Game Content Restored

I'm finished with restoring game content that users submitted to the site in the past 4 months. This includes Game Pages, Game Edits, Game Edit Requests, Screenshots and Screenshot Edits. Screenshot Ratings have not been restored yet.

Any Game Edit on a game that was for a game added to the site after November 6th, 2019, was not recoverable due to not being able to matchup game IDs. Likewise, all screenshot edits made to a screenshot that was added to the site after November 6th, 2019, was also not recoverable. So if you added a screenshot to the site after November 6th, 2019, the screenshot was most likely re-added but it'll need to be re-edited. Most browsers save the details that you insert into a form field so you should be able to double click the input fields and see a drop down with the details that you added previously.

I'll work on restoring the Marketplace, Screenshot Ratings, and various other features tomorrow. My kids are home from school for a while due to the Corona Virus so that has slowed down my development this week, placing me behind the schedule I laid out.

If you have any questions or noticed that your content didn't get re-added, let us know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-18-20 - 11:02 am

Missing Viz

I've had many people ask me, and I'm sure there are many others who haven't and are outside of the loop.

Viz amounts are not restored yet. Give it about a week. If you are still missing Viz after that, PM me and I will reimburse you the missing amount.
Posted by: Minuano on 03-14-20 - 21:08 pm

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