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07-13-20 04:27 AM

deggle's Profile -

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   Let's explore~
Registration Name: deg2000
Local Moderator
  Minecraft Admin
Real Name: Mayonnaise-Sama
Location: ~The Twisted Critter House~
Age: 19 (08-04-00)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-09-10 03:34 PM (3564 days ago)
Posts: 3,986  Threads: 107
Post Words: 252,108 (63 word avg)
Viz: 439,720    Contribution Points: 15,381
Post Rating: 407   Trust Points: 8   Chat: 752
Level: 112    Experience: 15024759
Next Level: +313446 Exp    Per Post: 5654 Exp
Last Activity: 07-12-20 04:55 PM
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Last Post: 07-11-20 09:01 AM
  Anime & Manga ABC Game


I'm deg2000 or just deg or hotstuff (so what I've been told haha).
This right here is a message to everyone who passes by my profile, old friends, new friends, or just a random passerby please read it over. I think we should all follow something like this I know I live by it everyday. I hate losing the people I love, so I create connections and relationships with all that I can. There are a few I'm even trying to talk to once again and I hope that we can live life even better than the old times.

Please stop leaving me over and over again, just reconnect that's all that matters. Be able to speak to you like we used too. I'd love waiting to talk to you once again, but we lost our touch I don't know what happened. So if I try don't pass me by. Reconnect that's all I ask.

Ello, this is Meadow, please leave a Messo~

[6:12 PM] Flibbith: Damn it, choose one or I will stab you in the face with a ripe banana
[8:18 PM] legacyme3: Deg, you would be the best owner in the history of Vizzed <3
[6:16 PM] Flibbith: *pats deg on the head*
[7:13 PM] legacyme3: I can have true love with deg or be a power couple with muffin
[7:13 PM] legacyme3: Or I can do neither
[7:13 PM] legacyme3: and see Muffin and deg paired
[7:09 PM] legacyme3: I need to find out the exact compatibility between myself (water monkey) and deg (metal dragon)
[8:25 PM] play4fun: this?
[8:25 PM] DarkHyren: play: invitation to kinky times
[7:00 PM] sonicmcmuffin: ejaculate*
[4:33 PM] AriaAngelDream: you wanted to suck my ________ :V
[9:27 PM] yoshirulez!: So many gifts~ Gifts of cold love~ and stfu~
zanderlex says(5:53 PM):
I might be able to help you deg
deg2000 says(5:53 PM):
Why hoe?
deg2000 says(5:53 PM):
LunarDarkness2 says(5:53 PM):
RPG Maker VX not responding!? C
deg2000 says(5:53 PM):
LunarDarkness2 says(5:53 PM):
deg2000 says(5:53 PM):
deg2000 says(5:54 PM):
[email protected] SORRY

LunarDarkness2 says(5:54 PM):XD
[6:31 PM] On3On: i'd be happy if deg bit me
[6:31 PM] On3On: deg's cool see
[6:31 PM] On3On: you're all boring
[6:32 PM] deg2000: I bit you before On3
[6:32 PM] On3On: thanks babe
[6:32 PM] On3On: you're the best
[10:53 PM] Snowdeath: and come at me *censored*es
geeogree: deg: cause he's a dick, and so am I
[4:12 PM] Makalya: wanna bang
[4:12 PM] Makalya: you know
[4:12 PM] Makalya: the drunks
[4:12 PM] Makalya: drums*
[4:12 PM] Makalya: ;))
[7:23 PM] A user of this: I IDENTIFY AS A DEGKIN
[7:24 PM] Snowdeath: I'm richhhhhhhhhh I have a real rupee from Zelad
[7:24 PM] Snowdeath: Zelda
[7:25 PM] deg2000: Zelad
[7:25 PM] Snowdeath: I identify as a Zelad
[10:47 PM] AriaAngelDream: van, leggy is my slave

i'm a mudkip in real life who has an orange bandanna around my neck.
things i like:

Things i hate:
Me for being a horrible person who doesn't deserve life. Ducks man i hate ducks.
um loud people
people that don't listen to you.
[8:45 PM] Flibbith: *sets a flaming bag of dog poo on lily's doorstep*
[8:52 PM] deg2000: #Snuchu2015-It's soooooo, and I repeat, soooooooo moronic for you guys to use the "But it's only the first round" excuses.
[8:53 PM] Snowdeath: YES

Fun Chat things
[5:34 PM] sux2bu: Our children would look radioactive, we're so pale
[3:57 PM] yoshirulez!: Its not my fart though
[3:57 PM] yoshirulez!: *Fault*
[11:46 AM] NintendoFanKimmy: Ew. This water tastes like water.
[8:21 PM] Razor-987: twerkasaurus
[05/29 9:22 PM] Frodlex: I feel so lvoed.
[05/29 9:22 PM] Frodlex: Put it away Deg!
[05/29 9:22 PM] Frodlex: Oh god please kill me now for saying that abomidable typo.
[6:17 PM] lilythetigerkity: hold on sex
[7:36 PM] manicman66: degacyme3
[3:24 PM] AriaAngelDream: the hell, thought deg was on my friendlist :V
[3:31 PM] paper luigi: Deg possible 23 the sequel for the prequel of the prequel of the original sequel of the sequels.
[6:36 PM] paper luigi: Is deg now a god or something?
[6:47 PM] styrofoamboots: DegxBob
[6:51 PM] On3On: bob2000
[10:09 PM] Makalya: degxbints
[6:33 PM] sonicmcmuffin: At least deg loves me
[5:55 PM] legacyme3: deg - It isn't, but #spam
[7:23 PM] Makalya: what keeps me living is the fact that i wanna keep living
[6:51 PM] Tyrian Delirium: bewbz
[7:09 PM] Tyrian Delirium: Tyri us mormons do poop sacrifice that's just sikh's and muslims

My special quotes I made.
"Mistakes are mean't to be made it's just how the mistake takes effect into someone's life or how it plays into your life to mold you into the person you have become today. And teaches you how to better yourself for the next mistake so you can prepared for it."
"Suicide isn't an exit it's a new experience the gateway to death itself too most it's a horrific experience but to some it's closure the feeling of darkness consuming you...Is there light?"
"Be alive one day, dead the next..So what exactly is the meaning of what we are born to achieve? There is none that's why"

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