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Auto Backup Save Files - Your save files automatically backup and are recoverable - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 05-29-70
Controls dont work - Heres how to get the Controls to work
Crashing - What to do if your Game and Browser keep Crashing
Internet Browser Support - List of Supported Internet Browsers
Internet Explorer Protected Mode - How to add as a Trusted Site or How to disable it
Operating System Support - List of Supported Operating Systems
PC Controller - You can Play ANY of the RGR games using a PC Controller
Plugin Not Found - Heres what to do if the RGR Plugin isnt being detected
Retrieving Save Files - You currently cannot retrieve Save Files
Save File Manager - Lets you view, copy, backup or delete RGR Plugin save files - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 05-29-70
Save State Failed - Why a Save State may Fail to Load
Saving - Heres how you save
Screenshots - How to take them and retrieve them
Video Recording - Many systems with the RGR Plugin let you record gameplay

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